Carefree adventures with your dog are within reach

Your walks are ruined by your dog’s barking and lunging. You feel embarrassed when other people see your dog going crazy and are anxious just thinking about leaving the house with your dog. You’re overwhelmed and grieving the life you thought you would have with your four-legged best friend.

From Barky to Brilliant is the perfect course for you, delivered by reactivity expert Dr Anna Muir, and tried and tested to give you the life you dream about with your dog. Start today to make dog walks the best part of your day.

6 Lessons | 2hr 45mins | Resources & support




As soon as your dog sees another dog in the distance they become alert, trying to get them to move away is impossible, then they start loudly barking, they’re jerking and pulling your arm as they lunge, and you’re desperately hoping that the other dog is on lead on not about to run up to your dog because then they may growl or bite.

With Barky to Brilliant you can instead feel confident to walk your dog, go on adventures to new locations and stop in at the pub or a cafe.

From Barky to Brilliant Includes:

Your dog will become calm, confident and free to enjoy spending time with their favourite person in the world - you! ​

“I am so pleased with the progress Luna has made. Before we started training she was incredibly reactive to both dogs and people, lunging and barking uncontrollably and I was even bitten by her myself on multiple occasions. I would absolutely dread taking her out and after most walks I would come home crying and covered in scratch marks from her jumping up at me. It was absolute hell.

It has taken time, patience and hard work but I can now take her out and walk her like a normal dog! There is still a little way to go as she does have her moments but they are few and far between and I now know how to deal with them and so does she. Luna used to absolutely hate going for a walk, she would even hide when she saw her harness but now she is all waggy tails and running to the door. We both absolutely love our walks and we get to go on so many adventures that beforehand would have been impossible. I finally have a happy, calm dog who loves to sniff and explore and it is absolutely brilliant!”

– Deanne, Luna’s owner

Deanne with Luna at a busy country park

Learning path

This online, self-paced course will help guide you through every step to support your barky dog to become happy and calm around other dogs so that your walks together can be brilliant. 

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Taught By Dog Behaviour Expert

Dr Anna Muir holds a PhD in Zoology, is a qualified Dog Trainer and Behaviourist, accredited with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT), and is a member of the UK Dog Training and Behaviour Charter. She was voted Best Dog Trainer and Behaviour Expert in Wales 2023 and has recently published her book “Dog Enrichment: Family-Friendly Games and Activities for You and Your Dog”. Before founding Forests & Fetch her career included working at a University as Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader for the Animal Behaviour and Zoology programmes. She has helped hundreds of dogs go from lunging, barking, growling and biting to calm and confident so that their owners can enjoy a care-free life with the best friend they always dreamed of. 

Seeing owners start to look forward to their walks rather than dread them is why Anna designed Barky to Brilliant so that you can enjoy your life with your dog and be free to go on adventures together. Based on the latest in dog psychology and hands on experience of helping hundreds of dogs become calm and confident around other dogs, people and cars, this is the definitive course to lead a happy, carefree life with your dog. 

Join me today to make your life with your dog calm and happy starting now.

What do owners have to say?

You are not alone on this journey. Anna has helped hundreds of owners to improve their relationships with their dogs, and to safely and positively modify their behaviours when needed. 

Milly Johns
Marketing Lead at
“I was stuck managing campaigns, this course helped me get the promotion I wanted to marketing director!”
Kelly Johnson
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“Three day course, over 14% ROI gain in the month after. This course has paid for itself a hundred times over”
Bred Millson
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“Marketing strategy calls for a broad understanding of multiple channels, this course covered everything I needed”

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of why their dog is behaving the way they are, and how to help set them up for more successful and less stressful walks. If your dog barks at dogs or people (or cats or cars!) while out of the house, this course will introduce you to the SET technique with downloadable resources to help you monitor progress.

The course includes 6 modules with 2 hours 45 minutes of video based learning in total. Each lesson can be watched on your computer or phone whenever you have the time. 

This course is written and presented by Dr Anna Muir, founder of Forests and Fetch – a dog training and behaviour specialist in North Wales, UK. Anna is a specialist in reactivity cases and offers in person and online support to hundreds of clients.

The course is based on the latest research and scientific studies into animal behaviour, using only reward based  positive reinforcement techniques to build and maintain a strong bond between you and your pup, giving you the knowledge and techniques you need to improve your lives together.

If you follow the SET technique with regular practise you will see improvements in your dogs behaviour. In time you will be able to meet your goals – whether than is a calm walk or a visit to a cafe or pub together or just a happier and more content four-legged friend. 

If you are still struggling with your dogs behaviour, then yes this course can provide you with the understanding and techniques to make real progress, and with the resources so you can monitor improvement over time. There is no quick fix with this type of work, but if you commit the time you can use the SET technique to guide you to see real improvements. 

The course is available through any internet equipped browser on your computer or phone. There is also an app you can download and use on the go if you prefer to refer back to the lessons in real time while training. 

Going from Barky to Brilliant is in your hands

Looking for in person support instead?

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