From Barky to Brilliant

£79 | 6 lessons | 2hr 45mins

Are you tired of having your walks ruined by your dog’s barking? Do you feel embarrassed when your dog reacts badly to other people’s dogs? Do you worry about how stressed your dog is and is it stressing you out too?

Then From Barky to Brilliant is the perfect course for you and your reactive dog.

Take the first step to better walks


This online, self-paced course will help guide you through every step to support your barky dog to become happy and calm around other dogs so that your walks together can be brilliant. 

You’ll learn why your dog is reacting to other dogs (or people or cars), how to use our SET (Support – Enrich – Train) technique to change their behaviour around dogs, and what you can expect on your training journey. You’ll also see real footage of training sessions from the hundreds of dogs that I’ve supported to reduce their reactivity.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of why their dog is behaving the way they are, and how to help set them up for more successful and less stressful walks. If your dog barks at dogs or people (or cats or cars!) while out of the house, this course will introduce you to the SET technique with downloadable resources to help you monitor progress. 

Why choose From Barky to Brilliant?

  • Hundreds of dogs and owners have been successful at reducing reactivity and stopping their dog barking at other dogs using this technique
  • Created by reactivity specialist, Dr Anna Muir, founder of Forests & Fetch and author of “Dog Enrichment: Family Friendly Activities for You and Your Dog”
  • Science-backed, reward-based techniques to meet the highest standards in animal welfare
  • A comprehensive guide that will look at your dog’s life as a whole to give you the best chance of success
  • Over 2.5 hours of video based support you can refer back to anytime including troubleshooting and progress tracking
  • Downloadable resources to help you monitor progress day to day

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Learning Path

The course includes six video modules:

Begin – how to get started with your training journey

Understand – why your dog barks at other dogs

Support – how you can make immediate improvements to your dog’s behaviour

Enrich – meeting your dog’s needs to set your training up for success

Train – step by step instructions for how to modify your dog’s behaviour around other dogs

Progress – what to expect on your training journey

Each lesson includes a video presentation, downloadable resources and useful links. 

By the end of the course you will be in a position to better understand why your dog is showing this behaviour and will have the techniques and methods to build upon to start your journey towards peaceful walks. 

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What do owners have to say?

“I am so pleased with the progress Luna has made over the past few months. Before we started training she was incredibly reactive to both dogs and people, lunging and barking uncontrollably and I was even bitten by her myself on multiple occasions. I would absolutely dread taking her out and after most walks I would come home crying and covered in scratch marks from her jumping up at me. It was absolute hell.

It has taken time, patience and a lot of hard work but I can finally take her out and walk her (almost) like a normal dog! There is still a little way to go as she does have her moments but they are few and far between and I now know how to deal with them and so does she. Luna used to absolutely hate going for a walk, she would even hide when she saw her harness but now she is all waggy tails and running to the door. We both absolutely love our walks and we get to go on so many adventures that beforehand would have been impossible. I finally have a happy, calm dog who loves to sniff and explore and it is absolutely brilliant!” – Deanne, Luna’s owner.

Take the first step to better walks

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