​It is vital to keep all kitchen counters clear so that your pup can’t be “rewarded” for jumping up at the counters by finding food there. Once this happens, they will be motivated to keep jumping up to see if there might be more food there. Consistently keep all counters clear when you are not in the kitchen until your dog has forgotten their habit of trying to jump up.

If your pup has jumped up onto your kitchen counter, lure them off the surface with a treat, say “Off” and give them the treat as soon as all four paws are back on the ground. It is important to differentiate “Off” (get off something) with “Down” (lie down).

Be proactive by rewarding your pup for having four paws on the ground in the kitchen (rather than waiting for them to jump up) – you don’t have to wait for “bad” behaviour to reward “good” behaviour. Sprinkle some treats on the floor or give them a chew.

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