Harness training

  1. Get out the harness, place it on the floor and sprinkle treats around and on it. Let your pup eat the treats. Then just put the harness away again. Repeat at least 3 times a day.
  2. When your pup happily runs towards you when you get the harness out, start just holding the harness in your hand as you offer treats. Then put the harness away again. Repeat at least 3 times a day.
  3. Once your pup approaches you to take treats without hesitation when you are holding the harness, start holding up the harness and holding the treats so that your pup has to put their head through to eat the treats. Don’t move the harness or try to put it on them as they do this, allow them to remove their head whenever they want. Repeat. Tip: You may need to make the neck hole extra large to begin with and tighten it to fit later.
  4. Once your pup will put their head through the hole without hesitation you can start to offer them the treat as they put their head through, then lay the harness on their back, then give them a treat and then hold it up again to allow them to remove their head. Repeat.
  5. Once your pup is happy to put their head through and have the harness placed on their back, you can do the straps up, give them a treat, then remove the harness again. Repeat.

Once your pup is used to having the harness put on, you can slowly extend how long they have the harness on. Give them treats while it is on. Once they are comfortable having the harness on for 10 minutes, you are ready to use it for a walk.

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