Increasing engagement with you outside

Recall: Cue your pup using their name and “Come”. When they arrive, give them a high value treat and plenty of praise and let them go again. Repeat many, many, many times throughout the day (in the house and garden and fields etc). Try to only use this cue when you think they will be successful and only use the cue once.

Puppy ping pong: Stand a short distance from each other, take turns saying your pup’s name plus “Come” and then giving them a treat.

Recall treat throw game: Recall your pup then throw a treat away to your right, when they have eaten that treat then recall them again and this time throw a treat away to your left. Repeat!

Treat tree: Hide a few treats in the roots and bark around the base of a tree. Cue your pup to “Find it” let them search and find their “prey”. Help them as needed – you’re a team!

Rewarding check ins: Set off on your walk and every time they look at you say “Good” and give them a treat.

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