Jumping up

​You don’t have to wait for bad behaviour to reward good behaviour. If your dog walks up to you and keeps all four paws on the ground, make sure you bend down and give them a fuss or drop a treat for them. If there are peak times that they jump up at you (e.g. when you are home) then be ready to get down low to calmly say hello rather than waiting for them to jump up.

If your pup ​does jump up, calmly and quietly ignore this behaviour, we don’t want to reward them for jumping up.

Consistency is KEY. If visitors come who can’t follow this rule, then pop your pup on a lead or in their crate/​behind a baby gate to stop them having the opportunity to jump up.
A yellow bandana that says “In training” can be a useful way to ensure that people in the street don’t approach your pup without asking you first. You can then control the situation to make sure that your pup doesn’t have the opportunity to jump up at them (and be reinforced when they give ​them a stroke).
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