Leave it

Start by saying the words “Leave it” and giving your pup a treat many times a day to build a reflex. Repeat 20 times a day for a week.


Then start to say “Leave it” when they are looking away from you and when they look back to you say “Good” and give them a treat.


Next, hold a treat in your hand, palm up. As your pup moves towards your hand, say “Leave it” and give the treat from your other hand. Start with your hand higher off the ground and gradually move it closer to the ground. Make sure your pup doesn’t get the treat by closing your hand if necessary.


Finally, place a treat on the ground. As your pup looks at it, say “Leave it” and then pick the treat back up and give them a treat from your other hand. Start with the treat only being on the ground for a second, then gradually increase the time.