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Dog training and behaviour

Here at Forests & Fetch we understand the joy that having a dog brings to life and we believe that dogs deserve a life filled with joy in return.

Our training programmes, behaviour consultations and classes are here to support you and your dog in order to achieve harmony in your family. Being able to communicate with your dog and live happily together is worth its weight in gold. Let us help you get there.


Meet the humans

Dr Anna Muir

I hold a PhD in Zoology, I am a qualified Dog Trainer and Behaviourist, accredited with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT), and I am a member of the UK Dog Training and Behaviour Charter. I hold a Canine First Aid qualification, and I am DBS checked and fully insured. I am passionate about enriching the lives of dogs and their owners and I use my scientific background to ensure that all my training methods are up to date with regards to the latest research in dog behaviour and learning.

My career has included working at the University of Chester as Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader for the BSc Animal Behaviour and BSc Zoology programmes, before setting up Forests and Fetch. I have a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning – so I know how to train people as well as dogs! I am currently a tutor for the Institute of Modern Dog Training and Behaviour, helping other people become qualified behaviourists.

I live in North Wales with my family including my two beautiful dogs. Skye is my old timer, a black spanador (cocker spaniel x labrador), who just loves meeting people. Islay is my young fox red goldador (golden retriever x labrador). She is a bundle of fun and keeps us all on our toes with her boundless energy! Skye, Islay and my two sons are always keen to help me test out my latest dog-friendly recipe or fun dog game idea.


Continuous Professional Development

Keeping up to date with the latest standards and scientific knowledge in behaviour, training and welfare is a key component of my work as a professional dog trainer and behaviourist.

  • Assessed and Accredited Dog Behaviourist with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and Behaviour
  • Assessed and Accredited Dog Trainer with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers
  • Certified Dog First Aider
  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers - Behaviour: Level 5 Working with Canine Behaviour - Analysis and Application
  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers: Career As A Dog Trainer Course
  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers: Practical Instructor Course
  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers: Loose Leaders Workshop
  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers: Happy Recallers Workshop
  • Michael Shikashio: Aggression in Dogs Master Course
  • A dog called Satcha

    Satcha was my rescue dog who had been mistreated and picked up as a stray. She was a nervous dog. She was scared of people, unsure of other dogs, and terrified of being alone. We worked with her to help her to move past these behavioural issues and to live her fullest life.

    What truly made Satcha happy was to be out on a walk. She came alive on a walk and all her worries disappeared. She was never happier than when out and about on her next adventure. Satcha taught me the power of behaviour modification and the truly impactful effect enrichment can have on a dog’s day.

    Setting up Forests & Fetch has allowed us to share our passion for behavioural support, training and enrichment to help ensure your dog's life is filled with joy too.


    Why Forests & Fetch?

    Animal experts

    Anna has a PhD in Zoology and is an assessed and accredited trainer and behaviourist with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers.

    Reward based

    We believe that the only way to train your dog is through positive reinforcement.
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    Practical experience

    Anna has worked with hundreds of dogs, of all ages and breeds, to achieve their training goals.
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    Reliable & professional

    You can trust us to ensure that you and your dog are happy at all times.

    Fully insured

    Ensuring protection for your dog is our priority.


    We support you as well as your dog because we believe that good dog training is about creating happy families.

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    We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi

    Caring for our world

    Giving back to the community, supporting charitable work and caring for the environment is key to our ethos at Forests and Fetch.

    We are a climate positive company, committed to offsetting significantly more carbon than we create through both our personal and business operations. 

    You can see our virtual forest as it grows and find out more about the impact this climate positive initiative will have both here in the UK and restoring and protecting tropical forests.

    Offsetting is only part of the solution though and we’ll be aiming to reduce our impact at every step of the way: only using compostable dog bags and plastic-free treats. We use eco-friendly cleaning products to ensure our van is sparkly clean.

    We strive to support local businesses for all our supplies and setup, prioritising UK made sustainable and eco-friendly products at all times. Helping small businesses thrive, putting our local community first. 

    Forests and Fetch also support the Guide Dogs charity.

    We'll take care of your pet, just like you would.

    Whether to gain new skills or improve problem behaviours - your dog will be a welcome part of the Forests & Fetch pack.