Assessed and accredited behaviourist with The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and Behaviour (IMDTB)

Dog behaviour

As an assessed and accredited behaviourist with The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and Behaviour (IMDTB), I am qualified to work with you and your dog to overcome more complex behavioural issues that are affecting your life.

Does your dog:

  • Bark and lunge at other dogs? 
  • Cower away from cars?
  • Bark or chew things when you leave them alone?
  • Growl when you try to take things like toys, food or stolen items from them?
  • Show aggression towards other family pets?
  • Bark at people when they try to approach them?

Reactivity, resource guarding and separation distress are just some of the areas that I can help you with through science-based understanding of dog psychology and training that focuses on supporting your dog to overcome the root cause of the problem rather than just suppressing the behaviour and causing further problems down the line.

I specialise in helping dogs that are reactive, fearful and anxious to become happy, confident dogs that can cope with all life brings, whilst supporting you through what is often a challenging time with your dog. 

Building happy families is what Forests & Fetch is all about.

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My behaviour modification package has the following structure:

1. Get started

Complete a short form and we’ll get in touch with potential dates to arrange your consultation session. 

2. Behaviour consultation

In this 2 hour session, I meet with you and your dog, assess their history and current problems, and talk you through how your dog is feeling and why they are showing these behaviours. 

I then introduce you to the behaviour modification techniques that will help your dog and practise them with you. This can be done in-person or via Zoom.


3. Report

Following the session, I send you a comprehensive report of my assessment of your dog’s behavioural problems and their behaviour modification plan. I can also provide you with a report that can be given to your vet.

4. Additional training sessions

Additional training sessions and support to help you implement the behaviour modification plan as desired.

1 - £65
3 - £165
6 - £295

To get started with supporting your dog to modify their behaviour, please complete the behaviour assessment enquiry form. I will then get back to you to organise your behaviour consultation.

I look forward to helping you and your dog live full and happy lives.

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Your dog will be a welcome part of the Forests & Fetch family, whether learning new skills, improving problem behaviours or joining our training club.