Positive reward based training to build the strongest relationship with your dog.

Dog training

Happy dogs need happy training methods and we only ever use positive reinforcement training that rewards good behaviour. You will find no punishment, pain or fear here. Research has shown that reward-based training is the best way for dogs to learn and to retain that learning long-term, and our experience shows that this is the fastest and best way to build a happy dog and strong family relationship. 


Happy Puppy

Early socialisation, play and training is crucial for puppies to develop into happy, confident, well-trained dogs.

This 1 to 1 bespoke 6 session training plan will set you up for a happy relationship long into the future

Research has shown that early socialisation, play and training is crucial for puppies to develop into happy, confident, well-trained dogs. Focussing on this key stage will help you avoid future behavioural problems, form a strong bond with your puppy, and ensure that your fur baby turns into a contented and loved member of the family. The Happy Puppy bespoke training programme supports you through the puppy training and socialisation process through home visits and a structured training plan. 

The programme focuses on settling your puppy into their new home, basic obedience such as sit, down and settle, solving common puppy problems such as jumping up, biting and chewing, plus introducing reliable recall and loose lead walking. 

  •  A consultation, where I will get to know you, your puppy and your lifestyle and introduce the positive training techniques that will be used throughout the programme.
  • Weekly sessions to support your training, introduce new skills to you and your puppy, and answer any questions.
  • A bespoke week-by-week written plan that will guide you through the training programme in a way that fits in with your life, including handy hints and tips to help your puppy progress.
  • A welcome pack including treats, activities and some Forests & Fetch goodies. 
  • Visits from my dogs, if appropriate, to allow them to socialise with friendly, fully vaccinated dogs in a safe and happy environment.


If you’re planning to welcome your new puppy soon, our Preparing for your new Puppy session might also be useful!


Key skills

All the foundations for you and your dog, whatever their age and previous training. Tailored to suit your needs.

This package supports you and your dog to develop the key skills needed for a safe and happy life together. Ideal for dogs of any age including rescue dogs and those that just need a refresher. 

Six in person sessions and weekly digital training plans.

  • Greeting people without jumping up
  • Sit, down and stay
  • Recall
  • Walking without pulling
  • Drop
  • Settling when out
  • Other skills as required for your dog!



Loose lead walking

Have your dog walks become a drag? Rediscover your love of walking with your dog with this package.

Have your walks become more of a drag? Are you being pulled over or getting home with an arm that has been nearly pulled out of its socket? Are you unable to walk your dog any more? Would you like to enjoy your walks again? This package is for you!

Enjoyable walks for you and your dog are such an important part of a fulfilled life for all involved. I love training loose lead walking and the freedom and happiness that brings to your family! Let me help you get there with this package that provides you with six in-person sessions and written training plans.



Rocket recall

Reliable recall allows both you and your dog more freedom to enjoy open spaces in a safe way. Build your dog's motivation to return to you every time you call.

Does your dog have selective hearing when it comes to their recall? Are they motivated to return to you sometimes but not always? Do they run in the opposite direction when they hear you call? Don’t fear, this package contains all the necessary skills, tips and games to build your pup’s rocket recall!

I’ll work with you across 3 training sessions to build your dog’s motivation to return to you using canine psychology, their natural prey drive, and a clear plan for progression.



Preparing for your new puppy

Are you welcoming a new puppy into your home? Do you want to make sure that you and your home are prepared for the arrival of your fur baby? Do you have questions about your puppy and how to best settle them in?

Are you welcoming a new puppy into your home? Do you want to make sure that you and your home are prepared for the arrival of your fur baby? Do you have questions about your puppy and how to best settle them in?  

The Puppy Prep session has been designed to: 

  •  Allow you to ask all the questions you have about owning a puppy
  • To make sure that your home is prepared and that you have everything that you need
  • To talk through the collection of your puppy and bringing it home
  • To discuss a plan of how to structure their first week with you to make the transition to their new home as smooth as possible for all of you
  • To help you know what to expect and to ease any concerns that you have
  • To make sure your puppy has the best start with you 


The puppy preparation session can take place in person at our training centre or via Zoom. 

£60 1 hour session


Advanced skills

Building on our Puppy or Key Skills packages, we'll build your pups confidence with important real world skills, new tricks and more, tailored to your needs.

For pups who have completed our Happy Puppy or Key Skills packages, the Advanced Skills package allows dogs and their owners to continue on their training journey. Six in person sessions with digital training plans.

We build on the skills already developed and extend them to cover:

  • Emergency stop
  • Doorway and gate manners
  • Working with distractions
  • Rocket recall
  • Loose lead walking in all situations
  • Middle
  • Hand touch
  • Spin and twist
  • And more!



Build your own

Sometimes you need something a little different. Get in touch to discuss any training goals that you have.

At any stage, you and your dog may want to learn new skills and build your relationship together. 

Perhaps you’re facing a number of training challenges or have one thing you really want to work on. We can help by providing one-to-one sessions that fit in with your lifestyle and are tailored especially for you and your dog. 

Get in touch to build your own unique training package!

Behaviour support

Does your dog bark and lunge at other dogs? Cower away from cars? Bark or chew things when you leave them alone? Growl when you try to take things like toys, food or stolen items from them? Show aggression towards other family pets? Bark at people when they try to approach them?

Then our behavioural support for more complex needs is designed for you and your dog to help you regain a balanced happy family.

Making your pack happy

Your dog will be a welcome part of the Forests & Fetch family, whether learning new skills or improving problem behaviours.

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