House training

Setting them up for success: Take your pup outside to the area where you want them to go to the toilet at least every hour in the early stages of house training, plus after eating, sleeping or play (basically, all the time!). Stay quietly and calmly with them and wait to see if they do a wee or poo. When they do (and they have completely finished), have a party! Praise and stroke and generally tell them how brilliant they are. When they have an accident in the house: If you see them doing it, when they are finished, calmly move them immediately outside to create an association between toileting and outside. If you don’t see them, just clear up the mess and carry on with your day (punishing them will just make them hide from you when they toilet in the house so don’t do that). Cleaning: Make sure you clean the area thoroughly, an enzymatic cleaner especially for cleaning up dog wee and poo is your best option to get rid of any residual smell. Getting rid of the smell is important as dogs are more likely to go to the toilet in areas where they can smell that they have toileted before. Puppy pads: If you can avoid using them, then do, as they can create an association with toileting in the house. Spotting the signs: If your pup starts to sniff the ground whilst walking in a tight circle or wanders off to a quiet corner and starts to sniff the ground, these are top signs that they need the toilet – take them outside to their toilet area rapidly.