Loose lead

Place the lead in one hand and your treat pouch on your other side. Set off ​w​alking and every time that your dog gives you eye contact say “Good” and give them a treat​ in the “treat zone” next to your treat pouch side.

​I​f they get to the end of their lead and start to pull: stop. As soon as they turn round and give you eye contact, say “Good” and give them a treat in the “treat zone” (by your leg). If they don’t turn to look at you after 30 seconds, say their name and when they turn and give you eye contact, say “Good” and give them a treat in the “treat zone”. When they have taken their treat from you, carry on walking​, continuing to say “Good” and give them a treat every time that they look at you.

If you find that you are having to stop more than you are rewarding for eye contact then they are not yet ready for the distraction level of the environment that you are working in. Go somewhere quieter and try again.

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