Work with us in your own time, wherever you are in the world

I offer a range of services online for dog guardians who are struggling with training or behaviour issues. Whatever I train in person, I can train online.

Why? Because my job is to coach humans to train their dogs. With a wealth of practical experience, scientific knowledge, and a track record of teaching people, I am ideally placed to support you and your dog, wherever in the world you are.

I offer online consultations bespoke to you and your dog, whether for behaviour support or training plans. 

Would you like to learn on demand? Take a look at my online courses which you can take at your own pace. Each course includes step by step videos and expert advice to get you started and keep you progressing on your training journey. 

I’m delighted to offer you the opportunity to join our growing community membership option. This gives you access to a video library full of tips and skills, all our online courses, supportive forums, resources, live sessions with me and more!

Want to enjoy your walks again?

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